We understand that nothing is more important to you in life than your health and looking after your loved ones.

The range of policies that we can offer may help you to plan for the unexpected. We cannot know what lies in store for us and our families, however we can make sure we plan for it. Let us help towards achieving your peace of mind knowing that you have the right policies in place to assist in safeguarding your income and providing and providing insurance towards healthcare costs.

Individual or Family Private Medical Insurance

Private health insurance, sometimes called Private Medical Insurance or PMI, pays the cost of private medical treatments and care. Private healthcare aims to provide fast access to diagnosis and treatment within the comfort of a private hospital facility.

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Life Insurance

A Life Insurance policy protects your family by aiming to provide financial security in the event of your death. If we knew what was going to happen 5, 10 or 20 years from now, we probably wouldn’t be talking about Life Insurance. Since we don’t, the only way to deal with the unexpected is to plan for it.

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Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance is there to provide lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness or need to undergo a specified major medical procedure. 

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Income Protection

An Income Protection policy provides a monthly, tax-free income to help meet your financial commitments if you are unable to work through illness, an accident, or disability. The payments are a proportion of your gross monthly income. 

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Family Income Benefit

Family income benefit is a type of life insurance known as term insurance, which lasts for a set time known as the term. A family income benefit policy will pay out a monthly tax-free income if you die during the term, until the policy ends

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